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"The Importance of Language in Creating Intention"
by Catherine
Aug 2nd, 2011

In using words to develop intentions we hear phrases like, "May this be for the highest good". Even small phrases of this nature can make a difference when holding a strong intention. Notice the difference between the word "good" and "love" or "kindness" or "compassion".

The energy behind each of these words is very different. When using "good" the energy of "judgment" arises. Good and bad; right and wrong. Words solidify intentions. So first be mindful of what you are ultimately seeking, and then state it clearly.

"Prayer For Peace"
by Catherine
Mar 19th, 2011
As the sun sets upon your Earth with consistency and assuredness,
May all Beings find peace in that.

As the sun sets upon your Earth every day, 
It is not dependent upon thought, effort, pain or suffering.
Like the breath, it is consistent.
May that be every Being's experience, every day.

May every Being find peace in the fact that,
Every day the sun will set,
And every morning it will rise.

May every Being find peace within the knowingness, 
That as sure as the sun will set every day,
As sure as the sun will rise every morning,
That every Being is blessed,
Every Being is surrounded in grace and compassion,
And that all that is necessary, 
is that every Being knows that, 
And sits in the peace of that.

May every Being find comfort and respite from any pain and suffering,
Any fear and delusion, in the fact that
As the sun sets, as the sun rises, 
They also live, they also breathe, 
And they also always have an opportunity and choices
Of peace available to them.

Contemplate this, Sweet Ones. 
Stay with this, Sweet Ones.
This is reality.
This is what you know to be true and consistent in your lives.
It will help to support you.