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"The Guidance Feather Meditation (Audio)"
by Catherine
Aug 4th, 2011

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"Financial Distress"
by Catherine
Aug 4th, 2011

Along with the current "winds of change" occurring in your physical reality, come opportunities to address fears. One of the greatest fears these days is financially oriented. 

Play with this:

Practice seeing money not in dollar signs, but as pure energy. See the money that you have brought into your lifetime as pure energy.

What does that feel like to you?

What does that look like to you?

Notice where you feel it in your body.

Think of all the time and effort you've put in to create such enormous amounts.

The energy you are experiencing is what you have created! This is a part of you!

If you believe, in any way, that you are a co-creator of your own reality, then how can you lose yourself, or even a part of who you are?

If you realize that this creation is just a piece of you energetically, how can it be dissolved by anything outside of you?

Certainly there is such a thing as karma, and you must have the karma to have created this financial influence, to have brought all this money into your life, up to this point in time. 

So, trust that this energy which has been associated only with dollar signs, is truly more than just the dollar signs. It is pure energy and it can retranslate itself. In other words, as you maintain your focus on this pure energy and deepen your relationship with it, you may find things coming to you in your physical world such as clothing, food, transportation, and anything else you want and need.

So ask yourself: Is this really about the money, or what the money provides?

Step out of being attached to the dollar signs and practice just seeing a conscious energy that takes you to what will support you from moment to moment.

This practice will support you in staying out of the fear and contraction which stagnates the flow of conscious energy by focusing on what is available to you.

Of course this is predicated upon you being prudent with your actions. Remember, energy follows clear intentions and actions.

(See article on The Importance of Language in Creating Intention)

"The Importance of Journaling"
by Catherine
Aug 4th, 2011

One of the most important benefits of journaling is that it coordinates - engages and integrates - the three "bodies" (or aspects of human experience) that are tangible to your physical reality:




We look at every human being as having five bodies. Being aware of the 5 bodies can help you grasp (at least in part), the complex nature of every human being.

The Five Bodies Are:






When you journal, your mental body has to coordinate with the physical body in order to write. And the emotional body has to coordinate with the mental and physical bodies, in order to express what you are feeling.

As one coordinates the three bodies - emotional, physical, and mental - the spiritual and energy bodies are then able to align more efficiently because you are no longer being overly influenced by one body or the other. You want all bodies in balance with each other, bringing a much more expanded viewpoint of reality and yourself, ultimately experiencing then, the happiness, peace and contentment that comes along with such integration and understanding.

Another major benefit of journaling is that it gives you a simple, easy way to move through emotional upset, especially if you feel stuck.

When you are in emotional distress, often the antidote is using logic. Writing can provide a viewpoint - a broader perspective - that takes you through physical and emotional release, then helps you reach clearer levels of thought, so you can see your life situations more clearly, more realistically. 

Journaling will also help you deepen your relationship to whatever issue you are processing. In other words, you begin to understand the issue at subtler levels. And you move from emotional upset and logical understanding to deeper and deeper levels of awareness, and transformation.

When you journal, take the time to enjoy the process. You might be surprised what percolates! When you feel the freedom to play with it, you might even find that you are being introduced to aspects of yourself waiting to be discovered and understood.

"Some of the Benefits of Contemplation & Meditation"
by Catherine
Aug 2nd, 2011

Why would one want to spend time contemplating or meditating or even playing with some of the suggestions here on the blog? Time and effort has value to you. Why use that which is of value in this way?

We have a saying "To the degree that one is in perception of oneself, is the degree one creates in one's reality".

What does that mean?

Perceptions create. Whatever perceptions one holds for oneself, whether understood or not, manifests in ways that are sometimes very obvious, more often, though, not.

Perceptions usually hold one into narrow points of view. By encouraging one to contemplate, we invite you to look at situations from different angles, hopefully beyond judgement and fear. By inviting you to do so, you don't have to believe in what we are saying. We are just suggesting one looks at a situation from different angles so that you can see that often times there are more choices available to you than you thought at first glance.

When you experience having choices, it also supports you in staying out of any victim pattern, fear and contraction.  Now, these choices may not seem viable. Initially it doesn't matter. What is important here is the training of the mind - to first seek different avenues or viewpoints which will help you from going into these all too familiar emotional 'knee-jerk' reactions which are rarely productive.

So, playing with these contemplations can have a much larger influence than one might think. It supports one in becoming a clearer creator of one's life. By looking at the same situation from many different angles, one engages one's intellect and emotions to help see the difference between concept, or perception, versus reality.

"Visualization for Protection"
by Catherine
Aug 2nd, 2011

Visualization for Protection: Bubble Exercise

Doing this exercise on a regular basis will help you to separate yourself from any frenetic influences in your environment and strengthen your connection to the energies you wish to coordinate with:

Take 3 deep breaths, relaxing your shoulders, jaw and stomach muscles.

Hold the intention to open and expand the solar plexus, asking that all chakra points rotate in balance and harmony with your body.

Imagine that you are inside a beautiful bubble . . . a soap bubble like the ones children blow.

Notice that the bubble can be seen through, and seen into. This is important because we don't want to dissociate ourselves from the physical reality on this earth.

See how the soap bubble has an opalescent quality and contains many colors—a whole prism. These colors can represent many things and coordinate you with many beneficial energies through your intention. For example, the color purple is often associated with St. Germain, if you pray to St. Germain or are familiar with him, let this purple represent that which he has accomplished, such as alchemy. The white in this bubble can represent White Tara for those of you who practice Tibetan Buddhism. White Tara represents many things, including compassion and long life. The blue can represent St. Michael, the Archangel of protection.

Whatever or whoever you relate to, use your intention to help you connect with that energy and align yourself with its qualities. All colors contain specific energies that can benefit us in some way, so tune into the colors that resonate for you and focus on its healing, loving, protective qualities.

"Why in the highest loving context?"
by Catherine
Aug 2nd, 2011

Using "the Highest Loving Context", as we say, to support you in developing an intention may raise the question of one's own "love package". Some associations to love may have a painful impact for personal reasons. For example, a child born into an abusive family environment will have different associations with love than one that was raised very kindly with great care. So each "love package" may look a little different based upon one's personal history.

Begin by taking a moment to sit quietly and go within.

Ask yourself - what is your ultimate goal?

Then define the components of that goal. If, for example, 'love' is your ultimate goal, then break it down - i.e. kindness, consideration, caring, patience, etc. Really get into the details of it.

By doing this, you are further clarifying the goal and intention you want to support; or as some people say, “getting grounded” at a much deeper level.

By taking time to sit with this you add energy to your intention. Being mindful, makes your intention more potent. Remember, while confusion and ignorance are rooted in illusion, clarity is rooted in Truth. And 1 grain of Truth is 10 times more powerful than any amount of illusion.

"A Tool to Help You Develop Your Personal Road Map"
by Catherine
Aug 2nd, 2011

Fun Exercise: The Pieces of Your Personal Puzzle

(Please refer to 'How To Create Your Own Living Road Map' below)

Contemplate those you look to, pray to, or admire.

Write down the qualities you see in those individuals - like compassion, patience, or whatever qualities you feel drawn to further develop a relationship with.

After making your list of at least 6 or 7 of these qualities, take separate pieces of paper and entitle each piece of paper with a quality.

Describe each quality in detail, describe how you see these qualities manifest in those you are using as an example. Go into as much detail as possible, explaining the results and payoffs for these qualities. In other words, what are the benefits of incorporating these qualities deeply into one's life?

As you write, you support yourself in integrating and understanding how these qualities relate to who you are now, and who you have the potential of becoming. Even though you are describing how you see these qualities in others, remember you wouldn't be able to describe them if you didn't also "own" them, or possess them within yourself.

Know that you are using these individuals as models. More importantly they are mirrors, reflecting back to you.

Another key factor to remember is intention. As you are writing and understanding the benefits of these qualities, intend that this understanding becomes a deeper awareness for you.

As clearly as you can see these qualities in others, may you internalize the benefits for yourself and all beings and use them productively in your life!

"How-To Create Your Personal Road Map"
by Catherine
Aug 2nd, 2011

Channeled 2/12/09

This blog is intended to support individuals in understanding not only the capacities that you have at this particular time, in reference to changes happening in your world, but also in developing a personal relationship with what can be done, using very practical tools, using very practical techniques, in learning how to become a creating, conscious human being. 

Good Greetings to all of you.

We are here to present ourselves a little bit differently this time. It is our intention to support individuals in many different ways. There are different ways to learn and understand . . . one can benefit through reading, some people learn better through auditory opportunities, so, this is our intention. We want to make this blog visually pleasing, we want to have opportunity to speak to you in this way, and we will also have written transcripts.

Some of the things that we want to do is to use this blog as an educational tool. In so doing, our intention is to support individuals, not only in the immediacy of the moment, but to give them tools to help them throughout their life's challenges which are arising, as many are finding, and have been challenged through this last year or so.

What we want people to understand is that this is an enormous, enormous time of change, as you have been seeing. But from our perspective, it is a wonderful, wonderful time of change. As with anything that is transitionary, there are certain opportunities for challenge and stress, but when you can see the potential outcome, those challenges and stresses really only become the smaller details of a much, much larger picture.

It is the analogy of giving birth, it is what the Hopis [a Native American tribe] have been discussing, it is what Nostradamus has been talking about in his quatrains, it is all of these things, the Mayan calendar, it is all these things that are being foretold.

And it is truly, truly a wonderful opportunity for people to realize that the potential that is arising, is more enormous than anyone can imagine.

We see it right now as though there is a crest, a wave, and this wave is what many, many people have the opportunity to ride upon. Now, if one is fearful of riding on the wave, then one will be engulfed by it. But if one can really steady oneself upon the wave, one will be able to have a wonderful opportunity, to see from a very different viewpoint, what is truly happening. 

If you look right now at whether it is your economy, the governmental process, your own personal lives, you will see that a lot is dissolving and falling away. Most of what is dissolving and falling away has to do with that which is not working any longer in regard to the new wave of consciousness that is arising.

We have used the example [of] - and if you look back to some of the articles that were written awhile back about - the Barack Obama, and the potential of his candidacy, and what would happen if he was able to win the presidency, this is also another indicator of this wave, of this larger consciousness. You listen to this man, he is intelligent, he holds focus, he is the indicator, he is the result of, consciousness arising.

It is not that we're saying that he is the enlightened one to take everyone into Nirvana. But what we're saying is if you can see this as the result of consciousness arising . . . See it as the result of all the things that you have been praying for, all the kind acts, all the compassion, all the wisdom that's arising . . . to culminate into this timing right now.

So, the most important thing for people to do right now is to hold this larger focus. As a wise one told this Catherine at one point in time, 'to keep the eagle's eye view'. The eagle's eye view of what potentials are arising; the things that are not working any longer are dissolving - dishonesty, deceit, greed - all of these things are not part of the consciousness that is arising. And you can see, systems that have been built upon this are falling apart. So, yes, some of you have been very dramatically affected and/or influenced by this transitionary time period. 

So this is what we're going to recommend. Several things. We will post little practices. We've posted the Bubble Protection practice, to help support you in aligning with yourself, staying focused within, internalizing. We're going to have a little bit of meditation that we have available to you - again, to support you in staying internalized, not getting too distracted by what is happening, "out there". 

The other thing that we're going to recommend is that you write out a half a dozen qualities. Half a dozen qualities that you can relate to, that you can identify with. Qualities such as peace, happiness, kindness, compassion, freedom, exploring one's abundant nature, and when we say that, [we mean] in all ways: Abundance of opening to potentials, abundance of one's pure spirit, abundance of one's perception of the magnitude of happiness available to oneself in any given moment. Six qualities.

And what we want you to do is use these as road maps. And write them on separate pieces of paper, post them all over, and let that be your focus. The more that you spend time with these six qualities, the more you identify with them; the more you can remember moments that elicit these six qualities; the more you ignite within yourself what we call these internal antennae; and these internal antennae will, consciously and unconsciously, continually direct you into more and more of those opportunities [to experience these six qualities]. 

So, as you focus on these qualities, let's say you can remember a time you were in pure happiness - sit with it. Allow yourself to feel it as deeply as you can. And lose the association [to the circumstances] and just stay with the feeling state. Because you don't want to be attached to what brought that happiness to you, you want to just be in the pure experience of happiness. And then open yourself to receiving more of the same.

And then as you go through all of these six different qualities, spend time every day with them, and just know that what you're creating for yourself are road maps. Road maps to take you into what is next, and you stay focused on that. And let that then be your defining, let us say, system for you, rather than fear and the illusory nature that is arising right now. 

Remember, that so much of society has been built upon fear for so many years, and it is what society and humanity has become used to. You're breaking out of that illusion right now. And so, in order to do that, you want to stay focused on what you ultimately intend for yourself.

And, yes, the fear will arise and if you could see it like clouds in the sky, just passing by: one moment it'll look like that and the next you look up, it will look differently. That's all that fear is. It is an illusion, it is not based in reality. 

But these six qualities are based in reality. And this is what one can focus on to take one into what is next. To create this new, new potential for yourselves, to stay out of the fear-based orientation that has enveloped your reality for so long.

Sweet ones, we know it may seem like you are beating your head against the proverbial wall right now, but reality is, that is just fear and it is just literally paper thin. It is just an illusion. It is not a thick wall at all.

It's very difficult for you to see that right now and we absolutely understand. So the other thing we're going to encourage is compassion. Compassion for yourselves, and compassion for others, in understanding that because so many have lived inside fear for so long, most people are enveloped by it, still.

And yet, and yet, this crest, this beautiful, beautiful wave, is available to all and we encourage you all to take advantage of it.

So remember your six qualities. Focus on them, spend time with them. You ignite within you these internal antennae that will, as we stated, consciously and unconsciously, take you into more of the same.

Remember practice. Practice to those that you look up to: If you have a spiritual basis, say your prayers. Relate to the qualities that you pray to. In other words, if you pray to a saint or an angel or a deity or to God, what are the qualities you are looking for inside those individuals? What are those qualities that you're seeking? And literally, literally, sit with those qualities because you have ownership of that which you see in them. So take time. Use your breath to take you inside yourselves, stay focused.

Blessings, blessings, blessings to all of you. Thank you for such an opportunity. Thank you for this opportunity to allow us to come into your lives to support you. Please always know that there is energy here, at any time that you should seek.

Open your solar plexus to receiving only that which is in the highest loving context for you. Open and receive all that which is in balance to your physical body. And let yourselves ride this beautiful, beautiful crest, this beautiful wave. And be like the eagle, soaring above it all, noticing everything that is happening below you, but not being a part of it, just being a witness to it.

Blessings sweet ones.

"High Energy Fields"
by Catherine
Aug 2nd, 2011

Remember the "100th Monkey" theory? Well, we are saying to you it is beginning to happen! All your prayers, kindness, generosity, etc. becomes a creative influence. How? These acts, thoughts, etc. are all of a similar higher energetic equation. They attach to each other because of this similarity until it becomes a literal dynamic influence. An influence that grounds into whatever reality it was created in. However, this is not the only reality in existence. When, and if, other realities create similar energetic equations, the energies created in your reality become a magnet to these. Since this then becomes an even greater influence on the universal and dimensional level, there is a potential here of change on a larger scale. We see this happening now. If some of you are experiencing agitation, fear, sleeplessness and disorientation when this is not your normal experience, these huge energy fields may be why.

We know there is a tendency to contract to protect yourself from feeling this way. NOW is not the time to do so. NOW is the time to open yourselves up, expand yourselves to receiving! Open to receive these potent energetic supportive influences that you have helped to create! It is a very potent, powerful time! These energies are very significant , we would say, for at least the next six to eight months. Take advantage of them. Create road maps for your life, set strong intentions, use visualizations to support your intentions, and then take actions based upon those clear intentions. This is how you will create!

We want to tell you that this process can happen in a blink of the eye or it can take generations to happen. Again, the consistent equation is YOU! What are you intending for yourself, how are you perceiving your Self and your world? We are here to help you understand yourselves to such a degree that change can happen in your life! (See our post Who Will Win the November Election?)

We have a motto, "To the Degree One Perceives Oneself, Is The Degree One Creates In One's Reality." Whether your perceptions of yourself are conscious or not, they are still creative influences. So, do you know what perceptions you hold of yourself, what beliefs you consistently stumble into? Do you feel like you are still in that proverbial Groundhog Day type movie?

We hope to support all of you that are interested in further understanding what and how to create! The Secret helped many, but took you only so far into how to manifest. We know a lot of you have been frustrated by this information, so we want to help you in understanding how to support yourselves tangibly and practically. Take what you have learned, though, and let's use it as a springboard into what is next!

"Become A Witness"
by Catherine
Aug 2nd, 2011

These tools are being created so that when these winds of change come blowing through, as they are now, one has developed a rooted, grounding system so deeply, that one will be able to allow these winds of change to blow through them and not to uproot them. Like in the winter months, the trees and the plants establish a deeper root system, now is the time to do that for yourselves. And, so, as these winds of change come blowing through, you will not be influenced. You will only be a witness to them.

"Who Will Win the November Election?"
by Catherine
Aug 2nd, 2011

It's Up to All of You

Channeled on 9/11/08

We know there are a lot of you experiencing quite a bit of anxiety around the elections.

There is so much we want to say about this.

First and so importantly, if there are candidates that you do not appreciate or like, please do not go into anger, frustration, or fear, for that just adds energy to their camp. Remember the laws of physics: what one focuses on, one creates. If one is focusing on fear, one will generate fear into their experience. Focus on what you want. Add energy to the candidate you want!

Now saying this, there is so much confusion being tossed around about these candidates. We have even had someone tell us they saw Barack Obama as being the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln. Well, Lincoln's energy is no longer being defined by just that lifetime, it is much more expansive now. Barack Obama is, from our perspective, of that larger energy field. Think about it for a moment. Wasn't Abraham Lincoln about dissolving prejudices? Well, the same goes for Obama: young, Black and having a "different" name. We could say he is supporting "busting" prejudices, yes?

Who is Barack Obama? From our perspective, he is an individual who knows how to magnetize to him the enormous amount of energy that you all have created! Whether through prayers, kindness, compassion, etc.—these acts and thoughts all have enormous energetic potentials. This high energy becomes something. Eventually, it begins to manifest tangibly. So, Barack Obama is the product of this tangible influence. One of the reasons why he is in this position is because of these acts, thoughts and deeds.

So, if you want him to win, what do you do? Continue to support him through your acts of kindness, your happiness, your compassion and thoughtfulness and generosity to others and intend that all of this result in more of the same. If he is the one to help your country step out of its greed and fear, it will happen!

Now, if you are still undecided, look at the languaging of the candidates. Watch how they frame their answers and decide if they are based in fear, or based in moving forward. Look also at their history: do they use it to their advantage, spouting about being the hero? Or do they let their past speak for itself?

We know there are many of you who are passionate about these candidates. We say to you very confidently: remember the energy that has been created will not dissipate no matter who is in office. It is tangible and so it will manifest one way or another. Be confident with that and keep on doing what you know to be right.

"Judgmental Glue or Super Glue?"
by Catherine
Jul 25th, 2011
Judgment glues you to the very condition you are judging. Judgment undermines all hope.

It is often easier to see how you are judging other people or situations than to see how you are judging yourself. Judgment can be insidious and very subtle and hard to identify.

Much is discussed about being a co-creator of your lives. How then does judgment, realistically, make a difference in your work, your relationships, your finances, etc.? As long as you see yourself or others through judgmental viewpoints, you cannot see yourself or others compassionately, with understanding or wisdom. You cannot see yourself truthfully with potentials and be excited about those potentials.

For example - if you judge yourself for being "stupid", would you encourage yourself to get a college degree in a field that is interesting to you? Your 'self talk' would discourage you from doing so or even if you did sign-up for the classes, once challenged by the curriculum you would have a tendency to quit. That is how judgment can undermine and then become a co-creative influence in your life. This is a clear level of judgment. Because it is not always so obvious, it can be very difficult to identify.

We are posting a series, as explained, to help you identify on subtler levels of how and why you might judge yourself. It is the most destructive influence. Notice, though, under judgment is fear. So if you can see how you judge, you will be able to see the level of fear that exists within you.

The previous and subsequent articles will hopefully, help weed out judgmental tendencies. Notice your languaging, notice your self-talk throughout your day. Please pay clear attention to the differences between judgment and discernment also. There is a great difference between the two. Discernment is accomplished using wisdom and seeing conditions truthfully. Judgment obscures the truth.

Using judgment does bind us, usually to the conditions you are most fearful of...

Use super glue instead, it binds items, not you.

Blessings ...

"Teacher, Student or Both?"
by Catherine
Jul 23rd, 2011

We haven't posted anything recently for we wanted the last blog piece to stay on the blog for awhile because of its importance.

However, we will be posting a series of articles to help you understand how spiritual teachings can make a difference in your life and how to apply them in order to change your life. Without understanding that there is a practical value for you on a day to day level, why spend the time reading this blog and or doing the homework? Our constant commitment is to teach you how to become a conscience co-creator, practically and tangibly.

What does becoming a co-creator mean and why would you want to take on that responsibility? How much do you take responsibility for? These teachings help you see more clearly what is within your control, what you are creating and why. As an example, how often do you feel like you are the victim of something or someone? What if the belief that you are a victim opens you up to similar situations. What if, "To the degree that one is in perception of oneself, is the degree that one creates", is true, literally? What does that mean? What if you believe you are a victim and that belief stirs fear. That fear then becomes a co-creating influence in your life, bringing or magnetizing to you more situations that feel like abuse, as an example.

We know these words aren't new to you, however, the tools and techniques are pertinent now, because of the level of understanding you all hold. That is the difference. You are now realizing more and more that what is outside of you is a direct reflection of your own internal belief system.

This series will be about a process, so please be patient with each step. Take your time, this will encourage "experiential" levels of awareness, so again, please take your time. We will include homework so be prepared to take a moment from your busy day, we promise we won't take too long.

Why is the homework important? Because experiential awareness is important. Without having any personal experiences or understanding of what is being discussed, it would be hard to relate to what we are speaking about. So for example, if you had never seen the color green—how could you understand what we mean when we say the grass is so green and healthy? You couldn't. So we then say that the teachings or understandings just stay as a concept—you understand the thought or teaching, but the understanding doesn't hold the same value or importance to you unless you have an experience of it, i.e. you won't appreciate the significance of green representing healthy grass.


1. Think of something you do well. Try to write out an explanation of what you do well to a one year old. Try to go into detail and explain it fully. Watch what emotions arise within you, how does it feel to try to get your point across? Write about those emotions.

2. Write as though you are the one year old trying to learn from you the adult. Watch what emotions arise within you, and write about them.

You are very rarely only a teacher or only a student, most of the time you will see you are both. Watch how you shift from one to the other throughout your day. Write about this shifting back and forth. Notice, is there any conflict or judgment about becoming more of one than the other? Is there any conflict or judgment about discovering who you are, the student or the teacher? In other words, are any of your feelings related to trying to define who you are suppose to be? Or who you think you should be? Is there any judgment? Play with this for awhile. See what comes up and please write about any perceived resistances. Write about any uncomfortable feelings, and why they are uncomfortable. Then write about any judgment you are experiencing and describe the judgment. 

Ask yourselves, what does this judgmental voice feel like to me, who does it remind me of and how old do I feel?

Sit with this for awhile, keep your notes and after one week, please reflect back onto what you wrote and see if you have any new insights arising. Write about those new insights, if any. If not, then briefly write a synopsis of what you have learned or observed.

We will post within two weeks the next phase to this step-by-step process of self-realization. Our intention with this process is to help you identify and understand how you hold yourselves back from creating consciously and clearly. If you are blocked by any emotions or judgmental beliefs, how can you trust what you are experiencing or "feeling"? How will you know what is real or what is an illusion?

How can you trust your own internal "guidance"? How can you be successful in your endeavors?

Watch for our next posting within the next two weeks. This will give you an opportunity to sit with this process for awhile.


"The Truth About 2012: Reality, Truth, and the Folly of Fear"
by Catherine
Apr 9th, 2011

In the thirty years I have been associated with Guidance, I have never heard them communicate with such strength, nor felt such dynamic, powerful energy behind anything they have ever said.  (The group session held recently in Menlo Park runs a close second.)

As you begin reading this message, I ask that you please check yourselves, as I did, to clearly understand what humanity is about to experience.  Observe any fear arising within you and capture it.  Write about it and get clear - is your fear based in reality?  Guidance  explained that what felt to me like a sense of urgency to get this message out, was in fact, my own fear-based thinking arising.  The reality is - there is nothing to fear in this statement. As a matter of fact, there is much to celebrate.

With that clearly in mind, I present to you, with care, the following information ...

We want to explain to you a little about these energies that are encircling your Earth - these convergences that are happening - and their meaning, because it is quite extraordinary.  We mean it quite literally.  Most people will have not had the opportunity to have these kinds of experiences, energetically speaking, through lifetimes.  It is so huge. And the reason being, is that you've all heard about 2012, the end of the world, Hopi prophesies, all of these things - it is not that we see your world ending. We see that it is the beginning of the mass consciousness shift, it is the Hundredth Monkey theory - the concept that a certain number of individuals reach a level of consciousness and it helps supports the shift of other levels of consciousness. This is why this convergence is happening right now.

What people aren't realizing, and what we think is not coming through, is the fact that, yes,  there is so much tumultuousness aligning, (i.e. another earthquake in Japan, wars in Middle East, etc.).   But now, there is not only a convergence of energies of great, great blessed spirits encircling humanity, but because humanity now is taking this exponentially, it is also influencing other realities, exponentially.  We want people to understand that now there is also going to be an alignment with presences that people are going to start actually having an experience with.   Experiences that they can actually trust

There are going to be visitations. 

We have always discouraged people from making up stories about UFO's landing, etc.  We are not talking about that. We are talking about people becoming more present to spiritual visitations.  Real visitations. 

Individuals and facilitators who have been spiritually coordinated are going to be asked  to trust themselves more and more and more, and step into receiving such potentials.  Because each and every one, in their own unique way, is going to be called upon to help now.  The facilitators who have been preparing themselves for eons are now going to be called to step up to the plate - if they want to.  Some will not want to because of what they've associated with in the past.  Usually, there has been a destructive, painful association with stepping up to the plate, so to speak.  It is going to be different this time.
We are so excited.

We would say, by the end of the year, things are going to be shifting more dramatically than you can understand.  And for the good. You'll see.  Things have to fall apart a bit, so we want to prepare people.

We want people to understand that, in order to rebuild, the existing structure has to fall apart.

We're not necessarily talking about financial institutions anymore.  We're not talking, necessarily, about anything that is tangible to you externally.  We are talking about one's own internal process of falling apart - that people will have an 'opportunity' to be faced with enormous amount of fear.

However . . . the fear is not real.

And that is the key difference.  This is the biggest difference that is not being discussed. 

Everybody's talking about Earth changes. Everybody's talking about financial institutions crumbling.  This is not what is going to happen. It is the fear of these things that's going to rise inside of people to a degree that they become so uncomfortable that it's almost unbearable.

But the difference will be - reality is going to stay the same. Pretty much.

Can you see the wisdom of this? To be able to realize that everything that is grounded in fear is illusory; that reality is reality is reality.   That all of the fear-based thinking becomes questionable because - the financial institutions are not falling apart.  Because The Big One does not happen, as an example.

So, let's say then, that fear does become so enormous inside of you, and that will be the case for many, and that fear does not manifest in the way you believe it is going to.  What happens is, you will be able to see the tomfoolery of fear.   You will be able to see how fear is the trickster, how you have been fooled by fear.

People will begin to realize that their fears are not reality based.

The reality is - resources are not limited, in fact, there is an enormous amount of abundance. So, when people are really asked to look at their fears, say for instance around lack, and then realize their fears are not realistically based, then guess what arises within individuals? 

A fearlessness for change. 

That is what's going to create the change.  That's what is not being discussed.
Do you see how brilliant it is?

It's already been tested with Y2K, the year 2000.  Remember the fear that the whole world was going to stop because everything was going to become crippled and come to a screeching halt?


That didn't happen.  Life kept plugging along.

That was the precursor to what will be happening more and more.
There is so much being made of 2012. There are major earth changes happening.  There is just enough going on for people to grasp onto, based upon what their greatest fears are.  There's just enough for them to bite into it, as though it is real.  There's  going to be just enough to tease them.  But when they, first of all, come back into realization that, ' Wait a minute. My greatest fear didn't happen. This is not culminating in disaster as all the 'experts' have been predicting.' - what happens, then, to their reality? What happens then, to their thinking? 

Then they will be able to realize - 'Look at how I was gripped by that fear to the degree that I made decisions that were absolutely non-productive, even foolish. Look at what fear creates.'

Then they will be able to say  - 'Well, wait a minute. If I was fearful about that, and  that never happened, then why am I allowing my fear in this direction to stop me from doing what I know is right?'

You'll see.  It's hard to see it now.  You'll see it. 

The dissatisfaction that is arising in people now is already a reflection of this. But the only difference is, and this is very, very important that this is clarified - the dissatisfaction that is arising within people now is just purely fear-based. 

Think about it.

What is happening now?

For instance, Catherine tries to catch a little glimpse of the news in the morning so she can get a sense of what is going on in the world.  And, what is happening now, as you well know, is there is fear that the government is going to come to a halt and it's going to create repercussions.  These kind of things are going to start arising more and more and more and more for people to see more and more clearly, number one - what fear does.  And number two - who is in fear and what it creates.

And so, people are being presented with the opportunity to see lines being drawn between those who are in fear versus those who are keeping a cool head and staying inside wisdom. This is why we've been saying  - your reality can look very different even from that of the person you're living with.

It is all, all, going to be dependent upon one thing - fear - and how much fear grips individuals. 

This is what we want blasted everywhere - it is seeing the illusory nature of fear that is going to topple society.

You will see that what is so brilliant about this, is that those that aren't in fear aren't even going to be scathed. That is why we are saying - the Big One isn't going to happen.  It's not going to happen. It's not going to happen in the way that people think.  It is going to be an internal process.

If people make the choice to stay in fear, their reality is going to be significantly changed - if they cannot see the tomfoolery of fear they will be taken down the rabbit hole of it ... that is why we are saying your next door neighbor's reality may look very different than yours.

We know it is very hard for you to understand right now.  But, if you understand that when we came through Catherine years ago and we said, with just as much strength and conviction and clarity, that if George Bush gets elected you will not recognize your country by the time he's through. And that is what happened.

We are saying this now with as much conviction.
And we can't be more specific because it's impossible to be more specific because of the fact that it is based uponeach individual's own fears.

You'll see it aligning.  A prime example right now is - the tsunami warning in Japan.  Yes, they had another earthquake, but what is the greatest fear of the Japanese?  Another devastating occurrence.  It's not going to happen.  So what they see now is, they had a very valid reason to bite into fear, right?  Of course.  That is much more exaggerated than what will happen to most individuals, but they had a reason to bite into fear, but that fear they bit into is going to perpetuate more opportunity for them to become more and more and more and more fearful, and when those things do not align any further - yes, there may be more earthquakes and aftershocks - but it is not going to destroy them, like they are afraid of.    Their fear of total destruction is not going to manifest.  The reality is, their country is going to come back very, very powerfully.

The news is brimming full of dire predictions on every front. You can see that it is starting to surface already.  It is only going to get worse.

That is why we're here now.  That is why we have been here - to prepare people to stabilize themselves.  Notice our languaging.  It has all been about sustainability, clear thinking; to the degree that one is in perception of oneself, conscious or unconscious, is the degree that one creates.

This is the time though, that fear is faced and realized for what it is.

It is why we teach - look your fears in the face and you'll notice when you do, they are not truly harmful.  Your fear is not cutting off your leg, as an example..  There is nothing substantial or real about them.  You see? That is the brilliance of this exponential change.  However,  we, along with  these convergent energies, know the potential destructiveness of fear, and that people become paralyzed by it - and that is why this convergence is happening. Fear is going to create, but not in the way that people think.

Fear no longer has a cause and effect like it did at one point in time because of the 100th Hundredth Monkey effect. 

That is a very important point.

We can't even relate to fear in the way we did six months ago - well, you can relate to it, but it won't translate in the same wayThere isn't the same cause and effect relationship with fear that there once was, because there is no pure foundational system to uphold the fear becoming something as tangible as it once did.

So it can look the same, as far as fear coming up here, there, and everywhere, but there is no energetic support for it.

It will manifest to some degree, but not to the degree that people are in fear of.

People weren't ready to hear this until now.  They wouldn't have believed it.
Now - believe it so you can start seeing for yourselves what is truly happening...

There is still a precariousness about it - that's why the convergence of energies - these blessed beings will help counterbalance fear's stronghold, but once people realize that there is nothing foundational to fear, then they become fearless, then the change that has been predicted will happen.  You will no longer experience yourselves as being the victims of, or controlled by.

That fearlessness will start creating opportunities and fearlessness will topple societies.  Change will be for the good of all.  Societies will no longer be controlled by greed, for where does greed arise from, but from FEAR?


"Liberate Yourself from Destructive Emotions: Become the Objective Observer"
by Catherine
Apr 1st, 2011

What does it mean to become an objective observer? Why should you want to?

Let’s illuminate the value of learning to do this. Specific reasons underlie the advice to develop this ability. Most important, becoming an objective observer liberates you from constrictions and restrictions such as fear, shame, and resentment, and offers you the freedom of true choice, of achieving true alignment with your ultimate goals.

The first reason to pursue becoming an objective observer is that you can better understand any given situation, truly and clearly, without being confused by emotions.

Second, when you are not controlled by emotions, you’ll make better and more beneficial choices.

And third, you will gradually gain peace. Turbulent emotions will not be in control. When you look back, because your decisions were better, there will be more peace because there will be fewer regrets. With trust in your ability to make the best choice, you will be confident that you see a situation clearly, without the entrapments and turbulence of being controlled by an emotionally upset state.

The fourth reason? By becoming an objective observer, you more efficiently step out of judgment. You will see situations from a position of understanding rather than being blinded by a knee-jerk response or default reaction set by earlier, unthinking experiences. You’ll be able to identify what is “just an emotion” passing through temporarily rather than some sort of solid, lasting reality.

Fifth, and possibly most important: choices generated from clarity are more likely to produce beneficial results for you to enjoy. Emotion-based choices, made on the basis of feelings such as fear, usually bring about additional fear-based results or equally distorted perceptions.

As you become an objective observer, you experience becoming a watcher. In observing and watching your emotions arise, and becoming more interested in how they arise, and why they arise, you’ll gradually achieve freedom from being controlled by them.

This is not a process of becoming detached from emotions. Instead, this is becoming more aware, freed from the constrictions and distortions imposed by primarily emotional responses. This is becoming free to live in alignment with your true self, rich in experience and awareness, warm-hearted and free from bullying emotional dynamics.

By practicing this technique, you will learn a great deal about how emotions create perceptions. Perceptions are often quickly and powerfully distorted by emotional associations and obscure the neutral objective reality.

Most experience of existence is based upon our perception of conditions and situations. How can you see clearly and have the ability to make decisions responsibly and productively, particularly in this current time of fear and confusion? This matters a lot, especially in our interdependent world, when how you decide things really affects others. An essential pathway that allows you to decide with clarity is to observe yourself and others objectively, rather than through distorted emotional lenses of fear, need, anger, etc.

By gaining this ability to observe yourself and others objectively, you gain understanding at the level of seeing why you make certain decisions or react in the way you do, and what results usually follow, when you act in those patterns. You can demonstrate reliably to yourself, through observing, that if your reaction is fear-based, and your subsequent decisions are fear-based, you will actually tend to create more fear-based experiences rather than freeing yourself from fear.

As an objective observer, no longer controlled by fear or confusion or other distorted states, you can make choices based on factors more stable and trust-worthy than ever-changing emotions. By giving yourself time to contemplate and understand yourself and your patterns more lucidly, it becomes clear to you what is truly motivating a certain decision; gradually, your decisions become more in alignment with your ultimate goals.

This also affects how you perceive others. You gain freedom from judging not only yourself, but from judging others. This creates less constriction, less blaming and guilt, and more freedom and warm-heartedness.

A Little Practice

Watch your emotional reactions, notice how you feel and then ask yourself these questions:

  • How old do you feel?
    What does this feeling remind you of?
  • These simple questions will help you become more aware of why certain emotions arise under certain conditions. With this level of understanding it is much easier to see yourself and others more compassionately.

Are You A Harsh Judge? This is not being an Objective Observer.

Judgment is one of the least productive experiences you can have. If one of your ultimate goals is to understand yourself, it is necessary to look at those aspects of yourself which prove, through repeated experience, to be detrimental if seen objectively. It is important to know these aspects of yourself from this viewpoint: you want to understand why those less-than-desirable aspects arose within you. Usually such aspects were used as tools; you were trying to achieve something, but the tools might not have produced the result you wanted.

Try this exercise:

Write down all the qualities or aspects of yourself you do not like. List them one by one. Then ask yourself these questions, as you consider each, one by one:

  • Is this quality arising at times to protect me? If so, how do I see it protecting me? What does it try to protect me from?
  • Does this quality arise out of anger? If so, is that anger being supported by fear?

Then try to identify, one by one, if there are ways these "qualities" have truly benefited and supported you.

Identify exactly how these qualities have served you as tools. What did you want them to do? Were they successful tools?

When you break down these aspects of yourself that seem detrimental, you can gain a different perspective of why they exist and how you have used them to support and protect yourself.

In realizing that, then, how can you remain in judgment of yourself? These were just specific tools used at the time when needed, when they appeared helpful. So now, it will also be easier to say, “All right, I have used these ‘tools’ in the past, and yet have seen results that were not ultimately of benefit to all. I have new ‘tools’ now.”

Therein arises a perception of choices, of freedom to choose a new way over the old detrimental tool. Now understand, please, that often times under stress, it is easy to default back into old "choices" for that is what you are familiar with and that is, at times, where you might feel safer. In the case of finding that you default back into old thought patterns and reactions, be patient with yourself and the experience. It takes time to shift and achieve a level of trusting the new "tools" as much as you have trusted the effectiveness of the old "tools.”

Remember, most children and adults are not taught actual coping skills; instead they learn from what they are exposed to, without being able to judge what is helpful and what is detrimental. Only when older, gaining in clarity and objectivity, can they begin to assess and evaluate what is truly helpful, and then gain choice to pursue a new course.

Controlling What?

We have noticed people asking us how can they control themselves?

We would encourage you to change your language to "how do I understand myself"?

Ask yourself: is it the situation I want to control? If so, why do I want to control it?
Then ask: or rather, is it myself I want to control?
Why do I want to control myself?
What in myself do I want to control?

Asking such questions will help identify if you are in fear. If you detect fear in yourself, what then are you truly afraid of? Is it a tangible fear or a perceived fear, a fear of something that often never actually arises? Using your logic at this time helps to counterbalance any emotion that is not realistic.

As long as you are still wanting to control yourself in a way that does not acknowledge your needs, fears, and conflicts, attempts will meet inner resistance. Other qualities which resist being controlled arise strongly. As the saying goes, “What you resist, persists.”

Using the word “control,” while lacking a deeper understanding of the processes at work in yourself, usually sets up an experience of fear, with associations of being inappropriately vulnerable, etc. Control also has a sense of judgment to it which usually obscures the ability of seeing situations clearly, factually.

Instead, if you think about becoming more compassionate with yourself, you can avoid that resistance which arises. By gaining the ability to objectively see yourself and the way you work, your patterns of needs and reactions, you will release the need to judge or to control. You will experience more and more choice, more clarity, more peace. You will be at ease with your emotions, rather than at the mercy of them.

"Reality vs. Perception: Valuable Tools to Use in Creating Your Future"
by Catherine
Mar 24th, 2011

What is the difference between perception and reality? And why is it important to know the difference?

To learn the difference, you must first determine whether you are seeing things through the filter of perception.
Begin by asking yourself this question:

"Is what I am seeing verifiable by others?"  

In other words, reality is when you look at the sky and see a cloud.  Others are able to verify there is, indeed, a cloud in the sky.  

Perceptional thinking would look like this:  I am seeing a cloud in the sky and it looks like a clown.  Another person would say,  "No, the cloud looks like a train."  The perceptional thought is not verifiable most of the time by another because even though they are also seeing the same situation, they are having a different experience.  

It is the different experience that is perceptional thinking.
The next step is to check to see if what you are experiencing is, in part, connected to an emotion that is realistic or understandable based upon  the circumstances, versus an emotional response based upon a harmful perception.
To determine this, ask yourself:                                                

1. On a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being completely relevant, 1 being not at all; "How much of this emotional response pertains to this current situation?"
2. Using this same scale, "How much pertains to me historically, (i.e. reminds me of an experience in my past when I felt the same way)?"

If you find any of these emotions are pertinent to you historically, then sort out those emotions by telling yourself, "the percentage relative to the situation at hand is this amount ______________."

This will make it easier to realize how much your past beliefs or perceptions are influencing or clouding your reality in the moment.  For example, the cloud in the sky is verifiable, but it makes you feel happy and the other person sad, because he had an earlier experience of being scared by trains, but you enjoyed going to the circus where you saw a clown.
Once you have determined what percentage is relative to the moment, the next step is to look at the emotional responses involved.  

Are you angry, afraid, frustrated or feeling hopeless?  

If there is any level of hopelessness, be cautious.  This emotion is usually dependent upon past experiences.

Remember - you are always going to have emotional responses running through your system.  Sometimes you will find yourselves in reaction, and that is normal.  Even finding yourself responding emotionally, based upon the 'historical you', is normal and understandable. 

The goal here is to understand how much emotional energy is being expended based upon past circumstances, versus your fears of the future. Expending emotional energy in either of these ways is understandable, however not always productive.

For example:  "I am so angry with myself for I stubbed my toe because I was not paying attention."  Your anger in this moment is understandable and on your scale of 1 to 10 it is a 10.  

Or:  "I am so angry with myself because I stubbed my toe and I always do that  when I am climbing  stairs, I never pay attention.  Therefore I will  never climb stairs again."  In this instance, your emotions are a 3 on your scale.  This means that only 3% of your anger and frustration  is based upon the present occurrence, and you are making future decisions more based upon your past experiences.

Determining your emotional state using these steps will help you fine tune the question, "Am I making decisions based upon realistic thinking verses perceptional illusory thinking?"  

Illusory thinking is usually dependent upon a historical influence, usually painful or traumatic, that is unresolved.  

These are just a few steps you can take to help you see more clearly the difference between reality versus perception.  Why do you want to accomplish this?  In order to be able to look at any given situation at hand with a realistic view point.  When you can accomplish this level of thinking, then the choices you make will subsequently be based upon reality.  By then making those reality-based choices, you establish a dynamic creating influence that will produce results efficiently, magnanimously and powerfully.  There is nothing more powerful, potent and efficient than Truth and Clarity.

Remember our saying, Clarity Creates!

blessings . . .

"The Law of Attraction: Clarity vs. Fear"
by Catherine
Mar 19th, 2011

If you are in fear of any condition arising, whether it be this over here, or that over there, you are going to act like a magnet in these times to draw those conditions to you. So, if you're in fear, you're going to position yourself unconsciously inside circumstances that will create more fear within you.  

If you stay clear, hold a clear intention, you will literally provide yourself with opportunities that will create more of the same.  
If you stay clear, yes, you're not an ostrich, you're aware of what is out there and aware of potentials, but you stay clear inside yourself, encase yourself inside these bubbles so to speak, then it will definitely, definitely help support you in staying steady on this path that we are speaking about. 

"Fear . . . Are You Afraid?"
by Catherine
Feb 28th, 2011

It is important to understand that what is happening now, you are in part responsible for. Every kind thought, every compassionate act, every moment arising in wisdom, all contributes to this wave of change.

Rejoice! This is what you have been praying for - peace, happiness, prosperity.

Don't let fear change you.  Don't go into fear now.

It is time to hold firmly compassion and peace and kindness, in order to continue on with this change.  Any moment you experience happiness, hold on to it, be with it, then dedicate it to humanity.  Anytime you experience peace, hold on to it, breathe into it, then dedicate it to humanity. You are beginning to experience critical mass changes, the 100th monkey theory is presenting itself in a tangible way now. Stay steadfast, hold onto your dreams.

Remember you are all connected at such a larger level; what you say, do and think effects everyone on some level in this reality.

Peace, happiness and compassion will help you rise above the lower energies that are arising.  Don't get caught up in the vortex of fear - it will only create more of the same.  We are not saying become ostriches hiding your heads in the sand, we are saying be aware and alert and conscious in the understanding you are creating what is next for yourselves.

Blessings to all of you in acknowledgement of becoming powerful creators in life.

by Catherine
Feb 25th, 2011

It has been called to my attention there is so much fear in regard to what is next for our world inside all this perceived chaos.

For those of you that don't know about Guidance . . . they have predicted accurately many life changing events. From what would happen to our country when George Bush was elected, to 9-11, to the financial crash of 2008, they have been spot on with what will happen both nationally and internationally. They predicted several months ago in sessions "an eruption occurring in the Middle East".

Guidance has been speaking to groups predicting, even before Barack Obama was elected, a "Wave of Change" that will influence our society as much, if not more than, the Industrial Revolution.

So trust them now when they tell us that what is upon the horizon for us and our country, is a level of prosperity and happiness that we will all enjoy if we stay out of fear, frustration, anger and impatience. Those that have followed the groups were given tools and suggestions, such as staying out of fear, in order to ride upon this wave and not be engulfed by it.

Hold what you want.

Intend peace, happiness, prosperity and float upon this "Wave of Change". We must hold a clear intention now, for Guidance is teaching us we are on the precipice of mass consciousness shifting. Please, when you are happy . . . hold it and then dedicate it to humanity. When you experience peace, hold that and dedicate it to humanity.

There is a beautiful Buddhist prayer that encourages us to hear a bell of peace. See every note from the bell resonating around our world, touching all ears and hearts. Hear the bell resonating compassion and kindness, equanimity and patience. Please know we can help the suffering in our world by being the best we can be, and by praying that all beings be blessed and protected.

Thank you.
Please refer to other posts to help you move beyond the entrapment of fear.

"A Sustainable Wave of Change is Coming"
by Catherine
Feb 24th, 2011

There is a wave of change upon us.

It is, and has been, our commitment to teach and support you in preparation for this wave of change in a tangible way, teaching you higher levels of wisdom in order to help you literally change your lives without attachments, pain and suffering. We have discussed many times how changing your thoughts and beliefs creates potentials in a personal way and universally. We have encouraged you, when asked how to help your world, to find moments of happiness and then dedicate it to humanity. Find moments of peace and dedicate it to humanity. Well, the time is arising to begin to see quite tangibly the effects of your commitment.

You will be going through this wave of change, no doubt.

Higher levels of consciousness, along with wisdom, will be arising within you. Because of these levels of wisdom and clear thinking, your intuition and clairvoyance will also expand. All of these things will be by-products of your internal work and because of that work, this wave of change is possible.

There will be toxins thrown off by the system in the initial adjusting to more light, which is part of the healing process. You may find this happening on all levels - physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. And not just personally, but also universally. So, when you hear or see situations arise in your world that are disturbing, it is just a necessary part of the readjusting, of seeing conditions more clearly. It will seem as if there is a detoxification occurring, and it may be uncomfortable, but it is all in the process of healing.

Remember the analogy of the hallway . . .

Imagine you are walking down a hallway guided by the light from a 100 watt bulb. You are comfortable with that amount of light, and then in front of you, you see a doorway. You walk toward it and, upon opening, thousands of watts of light come streaming through. It takes quite awhile to adjust to that amount of light, it is uncomfortable at first. You enter the room and your eyes finally adjust, gradually allowing you to able to very clearly see more and more of what is in the room. All of that light is shining upon objects you have never seen before. However, after you have adjusted to that amount of light, you look back out into the hallway. It looks dark. Everyone and everything looks dark. But the reality is, it is not because they are darker, it is because you have adjusted to more light. Remember this in moments of concern for what is happening in our world and around you.

One learns to appreciate lighted-ness by being initially exposed to darkness.

Please don't judge anything that arises now, whether seemingly harmful or not. It is like a rock, it may seem dense and useless, maybe even creating a painful situation or reminding you of a painful situation, for your toe still aches from stumbling over it. It is just a rock, it can, at times, even be appreciated for reminding you of becoming more conscious and present to your next step.

Adversity creates change.

The change you are seeking right now and are so impatient for, is going to happen. Maybe not right away - please remember, this wave of change must take time to create conditions that are sustainable. A consciousness of wisdom and clarity, tolerance and equanimity must arise in order for this change to become sustainable. Be patient.

In remembering you are responsible for this change, each individual then adds to the change that is happening and how sustainable it will become. So patience and mindfulness are the keys. Remind yourselves, 'How do I see each moment through the eyes of Wisdom?' and as a result, through this level of thinking, you become your own 1000 watt light.


from the transcript of the Guidance group session,
Ventura, California 11/14/10

"Take Time, Don't Make Time"
by Catherine
Nov 1st, 2010

Receiving High Energies Only Takes a Moment

If you feel you don't have the time to "practice" meditations given by Guidance, take heart. From here on out, let your mantra be: it only takes a moment. Really.

Take it from a busy, single mom who works full-time. I, too, received the email containing the blog post below, An Important Message.... Normally I'd scan it and tell myself I'd re-read it later—in some imaginary future when I could carve out the time to meditate "properly." Since such times are few and far between, I more often than not would find myself, well, never getting around to it. But this time I was overcome by the inspiration to try something new...a meditation experiment, if you will.

I awakened one morning with bouts of sneezing and the feeling of a brick in my sinus. I had to get my daughter off to school, get myself ready for work, and teach two four-hour classes that involved extensive lectures. Knowing that calling off would be detrimental to my students, I decided to try tapping higher energies. So while my daughter brushed her teeth, I perched myself on the edge of my bed and picked up my printed version of the meditation. Note: I did not light candles, put on Steven Halpern music, infuse the room with organic incense, don hemp yoga garb, or chant positive affirmations.

I simply closed my eyes, and stated "May my crown chakra and solar plexus chakras open and expand in balance and harmony with my physical being." After a few minutes of breathing into my solar plexus, I began to feel a sense of expansion in my crown but some stagnation/resistance in my solar plexus. I breathed for a few more minutes. By this time, my daughter was getting dressed for school. When I felt an (albeit vague) sense of opening/movement of my solar plexus, I stated, "I wish to receive these high energies in the highest loving context and with great gratitude. I ask for the courage to heal my physical body so that I may serve in the highest love." I stayed with that feeling and intention for another few minutes. By this time I could hear my daughter heading down for breakfast. Total time passed: 10 minutes. Yet I can't express what a tremendous impact it had on my physical being and my day.

Am I suggesting that Guidance can cure the common cold? Well, I wouldn't put it past them, but I must admit I also gave myself a dose of Cold Calm just for focus without exploding into a staccato of sneezes.

My next experiment took place in my car, parked on a busy street near my daughter's school, awaiting her dismissal. I asked for high energies to assist me—not for anything lofty such as aligning to planetary energetic shifts—but for the more mundane needs of getting through the evening of homework, dinner preparation and cleanup on a low-energy day.

Finding benefits each time I took whatever time I could muster to tap this source—be it 3 or 15 minutes—I continued this pattern. I also happened to have a session with Guidance where I asked if these "quickie" meditations were of any real benefit. Their answer was a resounding "YES!" When Cathy and I spoke about it afterward, she requested I post my experience here to encourage others to experiment in this way. In fact, she said that Guidance has called it "old school" to believe one must study as a yogi or go off to a secluded retreat in order to effectively meditate.

In my latest experiment, I had a bunch of errands to run that I was compressing into the two hours that my daughter would be at a Halloween party. As I drove away after dropping her off, I felt riddled with conflict as I wanted to get the errands done, take a walk on a beautiful Fall day, meditate and get back to her party on time. I happened to be driving towards the park anyway, so stopped the car, yet found myself overwhelmed with the idea that I couldn't possibly do it all and wondering what to sacrifice. I had the idea to use my semi-paralyized stupor to meditate, giving myself a 10 minute time limit which would also allow me time for a short walk. I went through the same routine in asking crown and solar plexus to open, expand and harmonize with my physical being, I asked to receive these high energies and for wisdom and balance in the rest of my day.

This time I forgot to offer gratitude but remembered while I was strolled in the sunshine, leaves crunching under foot. As I walked, I felt as if my chakras were connected by a strong rope and that all of them had been activated. It was then I remembered to give thanks.

For the record, when I stopped my car in the park it was 1:21 and when I got back in the car after my walk it was 1:53. All-tolled I gave 32 minutes to balancing, aligning, tapping high energies, getting my blood flowing and an oxygen infusion, sunshine, vitamin D and fresh air...and with time left over for errands.

I'm officially convinced that this practice can become as second nature as taking the time to floss. I hope there are others out there who find this of practical use. It's important for me to add that I happen to be a highly visual person, so when I'm meditating, I tend to efficiently see strong visuals. If you don't see visuals, be ok with simply imagining. If you can't imagine, be ok with simply intending. And know that you too can intend, feel, benefit, and express gratitude, all in those brief "in between" moments.

"A Special Message From Guidance"
by Catherine
Oct 21st, 2010

Guidance is asking that we prepare ourselves for a very special opportunity, one that, in their words, "has not been seen by most in lifetimes." They are saying there is a convergence of the greatest, highest, Spiritual Beings to help support us through this "wave of change". It began to coordinate with us around the 17th of this month and will be very strong around full moons, having fluctuations of energy throughout the next few months.
They have recommended a daily practice that creates an opportunity to receive the blessings that will support us through this change. It will also influence the further coordination of our genetic structure and help expand and create more neuro-pathways. They said that it will eventually manifest in ways that effect our intuition, wisdom, clairvoyance, etc. through expanding brain capacity. This will take time so we need to continue to work on ourselves and stay prudent in developing further compassion, kindness and self-awareness.


The practice to receive from this convergence is as follows:

First . . . go to the crown chakra and ask that it open and expand and rotate in balance to your physical body.

Second . . . take your breath to the solar plexus and ask that it expand and rotate in balance to your physical body. This will set up a domino influence to help balance all chakras.

Third . . . intend to receive all blessings available in the highest loving context.

The energies will be coming in to the crown chakra area. Exhale any fear, anger or other emotions that are contrary to expansion. Practice this daily, always giving gratitude to those High Beings that are here to help us through this "wave of change".

Again, Guidance can't say enough about what a unique and tremendous opportunity this is for us. We have been hearing confirmation of this convergence from several different sources, so practicing every day will be very beneficial. If you want to make a ceremony out of this, even better - lighting candles, seeing the candles becoming millions more and asking that this light encircle our world and be a gift of gratitude to those who are helping.

We will be discussing these opportunities and more at the upcoming group sessions in Southern California on November 14th, and in the Santa Cruz area, November 20th.

For more information about the up-coming group sessions, email

"Meditation For Balance & Grounding"
by Catherine
Oct 2nd, 2009
This is a practice which is good for times when you feel off-centered or off-balance.


Sit in a quiet place, where you feel at ease and comfortable.
Take some deep breaths.
As you breathe in, feel yourself expanding to receive.
Then breathe out, and exhale any resistance or constriction.

Close your eyes. Imagine yourself asking permission to move safely into the care of the earth, to rest in the care of earth, to feel the sustenance and strength and life offered by the earth. Hold the intention that you do not wish to disturb anything or create any changes, but simply wish to connect respectfully with earth, in a safe and protected way.

Become aware of the pure majesty and strength and power of the earth, and of how it offers its life to support yours, like a vast womb sustaining the child it carries.

At the same time, let yourself be aware of the vibrant, life-filled, dynamic energy of creation and change which is expressing itself as earth, creating the earth with so many variations of form, of land and water, century after century.

One layered upon the other, one side-by side with the other, uncountable forms and compositions of land and water and air have arisen and shaped the earth as you now know it, over centuries and centuries and centuries. It is still occurring, in ways both slow and fast, powerful and subtle, hidden and visible, powerful and delicate.

Let yourself sense this unlimited process taking place across vast stretches of time, joining time and space and form in a profound union, both stable and changing. You can observe this, sense it, perceive it, balance yourself in it.

Earth was not impatient as this creation unfolded. As she expressed herself in the perfection of who she is and was, all of these things naturally coordinated and happened. She was not hurried or worried. She gave herself to the process with no need to control it.

Through your intention, let each inhale take you deeper into the experience of earth. Every inhale relaxes you, invites expansion, and takes you deeper.

Every exhale releases resistance or hesitation. Gradually, you access the pulse, the heart of earth. This will be almost audible to you as a consistent rhythm, much like a human’s heart.

Remain peaceful and aware and allow yourself time and space to listen to this heartbeat, this pulse. Rest in it and center your awareness on it.

And now imagine you’re looking upon your earth, aware that you are so deeply and intimately sensing your connection with the essence of what earth is. Your true connection to the earth pulse, the earth heartbeat, occurs through the medium of your body. Your awareness of this elemental connection becomes very sensitive and attuned, balanced, sustained and grounded in your perceptions of earth reality.

We suggest you do this exercise several times a week to align yourself with the pulse of your inner link to the outer earth. Allow yourself to experience this alignment, this linkage, and rest in it, stand on its sacred ground, safe and balanced.

"How To Expand Your Perspective"
by Catherine
Sep 26th, 2009

Here is an exercise to help you see your life from a broader perspective and give you clarity in times of challenge. Relax into this exercise playfully, so that it becomes appealing to use.

First, set aside a little time for yourself and sit in a quiet and comfortable place. Then, look at something as simple as a pencil.

Contemplate the pencil and take a moment to see all of its parts clearly: the paint on the outside of the pencil . . . the lead in the center . . . the eraser on the end . . . the wood in-between.

Let your mind begin to stretch, to uncurl and wander.

How many things had to happen to create the simple pencil?

How many components went into simply making the paint? Where did they each come from? How did the paint get applied to the pencil? How many machines and people did just that one step take? Where did they all come from?

Then consider the wood: who grew the trees? Who sold the wood? How was it cut and transported? Who made the trucks that carried it? Who built the roads the trucks used? Where did the fuel come from?

Let your mind expand.

The lead, the eraser, the metal band around the pencil . . . contemplate each component in the same way and then consider how they all came into one form which we call 'pencil'. And then consider the factory where the pencil was made. How did that arise? How many parts were made and then fit together? What did it take to make each part of the factory?

Let your mind expand.

Each person involved in each step had to be raised, nourished, educated and trained - how many components went into that?

Let your mind expand.

This process gently sets a pattern within you of shifting from a small perspective to a larger one, then to a vast one, then into one that is limitless and relaxes your mind. As you practice, you will find you can shift back and forth, at will.

Your mind, when faced with the limitless, is released from a sense that it must understand, define, control. Released, it can relax and simply observe in wonder.

Can you begin to look at yourself in the same way, creatively understanding all the myriad factors that have influenced you and helped you become who you are? You can change and expand your relationship to everything in your life, including yourself, by shifting your perspective in this way.

As you allow your mind to relax in this way, deeper levels of wisdom and compassion can arise in you.

Say a person or situation comes into your life that would ordinarily throw you into reaction. Now you can pause and see the limitless intermixing of circumstances that created the situation. Taking a moment to gain that expansive view releases you from a constricting reaction and gives you more freedom of choice. You begin to see things in terms of possibilities, of finding points where you might intervene to create change. Your mind expands and your heart softens.

Gaining the ability to see from a perspective that is at once both vast, and precise, relaxes the mind and stimulates creativity. This will carry over quickly into many areas, supporting your ability to see choices and opportunities; to explore, rather than remain in the grip of habitually patterned limitations.

Voyaging into the space of infinitely interdependent reality allows you to see clearly, calmly, and compassionately.

This is a very traditional Buddhist practice. If anyone is interested in finding out more about Tibetan Buddhism, you may contact Tenzin Lhamo, an ordained Tibetan Buddhist nun at