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Group with Guidance and Cathy Heath

Updated May 8, 2018

Group with Guidance and Cathy Heath 

How to live in a time of chaos and confusion and the potentials therein.....

Sunday May 20 at 11:00 am

If you have a friend that you want to introduce to our group
and Guidance please bring your friend and share the donation
cost of $35.00 between the two of you, if that helps.

Host for the group:
Joann Wilson
20 Long Valley Road
Elkhorn (Castroville)
CA 95012

We are also coordinating a conference call for those of you that want to hear more from Guidance about these unusual times. Guidance has so much to say about why this is happening and how to view ourselves during these seemingly unsettling moments. Again, date & time to be announced.

Please contact Cathy via the Contact page if you are interested in any of these events, or if you would like to schedule a private or group session.


This website is dedicated to supporting anyone that is interested in seeing oneself from different viewpoints or perceptions.  According to Guidance, self-perceptions create your reality.  What reality are you creating?


We wanted to share with you an experience a client had that we thought would be helpful at this time.  This is written by the client unedited.


"All this time I thought I understood the world.  It was this dangerous place where random events occurred.  Most of them were obstacles, or problems, or difficulties of one sort or another.  And occasionally something supportive or positive would happen.  These positive occurrences would feel like grace. Like momentary sunshine breaking through the clouds.  But mostly, the world felt like a dangerous, fearful place where you had to fight to survive.

For years, Guidance has been telling me how human beings take their emotions and project them into the future.  We believe our emotions are predicting what is going to happen to us.  They are foretelling the future.

In my last session I suddenly realized that what I had thought was my clear understanding of the world – based on decades (if not lifetimes) of experience – was really just the product of me projecting my fear-based emotions into the future.  I was taught that it is a dog-eat-dog world, and all this time I have been projecting that belief onto my outer environment.   And it became a self-fulfilling prophesy.  By holding that belief, and projecting it into the future, I created that reality for me.  My beliefs came true.

In my last session, what I began to see is that the world is actually a blank slate.  A tableau rasa as they say.  It’s our beliefs that shape it.  As Guidance says, the greatest predictor of the future are your own perceptions.  In the ashram they used to say “The world is as you see it.”

It’s like all my life I had been walking on this bridge of fear.  It wasn’t very pleasant, but it was something I knew I could walk on.  I trusted it to take me over the chasm.  But now I was seeing that I had actually constructed the bridge.  It was made up of my own fears.  And I didn’t need to use it any more.  In fact, in my mind, I could tear it down.  But then, I was left with just a chasm.  I was standing at the edge of a cliff.  Nothing in front of me.  Infinite possibilities.  Unlimited freedom.  But there was nothing left to walk on.  I would have to fly.  My beliefs would be my wings.  But that was scary too because I didn’t really know how to use these wings.  I didn’t really trust them yet.

For so long Guidance has been asking me “Who are you that you can do this?  Or do that?”  And now I think I am understanding where they are coming from.  It’s all about acknowledging my own wisdom, and compassion, and resourcefulness, and intuition.  All the qualities that accompany my spiritual accomplishments.  Tenacity, and strength, and kindness.  When I own all these aspects of myself, it gives me confidence about the future.  If I own these qualities in the present, than I can be confident I will have them with me in the future.  So whatever arises, I will be equipped to handle it.

Moreover, the more I own these qualities, the more they become my dominant belief system.  Instead of nursing the belief that I am a failure, I can step into the belief that I am a spiritually evolved, highly-effective being.  In fact, during this time of Isabelle’s illness, I’ve been seeing more and more how efficient a problem solver I can be.  I wasn’t able to make Isabelle better.  But I have been very successful in finding solutions to support her, and ultimately (I hope) the treatment she needs to ultimately cure her.

So as my beliefs about myself change – according to these new understandings – my world around me should also change.  I don’t want to set myself up for anything (as Guidance would say), but if deep down I am beginning to embrace myself as an effective, powerful, successful being, it seems inevitable that my outer life will also begin to reflect these beliefs.

And then finally there is the new understanding of karma.  I had thought that karma was just a debt that you owed.  You reap what you sow.  And it is.  That is true.  But I was seeing it like a ledger inscribed in your soul.  Bookkeeping.

In my last session, what I realized is karma is nothing more than the beliefs you hold.  Certainly your past actions have created your current beliefs, but those actions are no longer relevant.  They are ancient history.  All that really matters is the present.  The beliefs you currently hold.  Change your beliefs, and you change your world.  You are not chained to your karma.  You can just become clear - change your thoughts – and your karma is resolved."

Thank you

You're an angel, a star, a blessing.  I'm so lucky to know you and to love you.  Thanks for everything, and for all of the years that you and Guidance have loved me and guided me.

Thank you

Thank you, as always, for your support, patience, kindness & generosity.  Sometimes I honestly feel like you're the only one who can offer the support I need to continue on this path.